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Enjoy the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ with Indexed Annuities

Banking on the market to grow your funds for the future can be risky. But what if you could lock in your gains and never lose money?1

Growth Opportunities and Protection

Indexed annuities are often considered the ‘best of both worlds’ because they allow you to take advantage of potential gains in the market while protecting you from loss.

Our indexed annuities allow you to:

  • Lock in market gains
  • Protect your investment against market losses2
  • Accumulate money on a tax-deferred³ basis

We offer two indexed annuities:

  • AccumuLock Indexed Annuity®
  • My6 Indexed Annuity ™

Added bonuses:

AccumuLock allows flexible premiums4 following your initial $5,000 minimum premium payment. You can give yourself a paycheck for life when you activate the Simple Multiplier Rider¹.

The My6 Indexed Annuity is a single premium annuity featuring a minimum $5,000 premium deposit. It includes a short 6-year surrender charge period with a bailout withdrawal privilege.


Take Control of Your Retirement

Indexed annuities can be a great addition to your retirement income strategy. Connect with a Farm Bureau agent to see how he or she can help you reach your financial goals.

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¹ Surrender of the contract may be subject to surrender charges. Withdrawals before age 59 ½ may result in a 10% IRS penalty tax for qualified money.
² The guarantees expressed on this web page are based on the claims-paying ability of Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company. Not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, may lose value, not a deposit, not insured by any federal or state government agency.
3There is a charge for the Simple Multiplier Rider once it is activated. Certain requirements apply to activate the rider. 
4 If AccumuLock Indexed Annuity is funded by a qualified plan, please note qualified plans already offer tax-deferred accumulation. 
⁵ Following your initial $5,000 minimum premium payment, you can make premium deposits any time.
The Company’s 4/11/21 declared interest is rate of 7.00% for the My6 Indexed Annuity product. Current interest rates posted above are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future. The Company reserves the right to change the current rate for future purchases without notice at any time for any reason. Contact the company for the current rate. The guarantees expressed here are based on the claims-paying ability of Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company.
Neither the Company nor its agents give tax, accounting or legal advice. Consult your professional advisers in these areas. Charts used are illustrative examples only and are not intended to represent actual performance nor guarantee future performance or results.
To be used with 434-810 series and 434-310 series. In Idaho, to be used with 434-810ID(8-17) and 434-310ID(4-20). W050 (01-21)

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